If you’re looking to order an Indian takeaway in Norwich, but you’re not sure what to order based on your spice tolerance, these tips will help you make the best choice:

  1. Start with mild dishes! If you’re new to Indian cuisine or have a low spice tolerance, start with milder dishes such as korma or tikka masala. These dishes have a creamy and mildly spiced sauce, making them a perfect option for beginners.
  2. Look for dishes with yogurt or coconut milk. Dishes with yogurt or coconut milk tend to be less spicy, so consider ordering dishes like butter chicken or chicken tikka. These dishes are creamy and flavorful but have a milder spice level.
  3. Ask for spice level! If you’re unsure about the spice level of a particular dish, don’t be afraid to ask the restaurant about the heat level. Many restaurants will be happy to adjust the spice level based on your preferences.
  4. Choose dishes with cooling agents. Some dishes in Indian cuisine come with cooling agents such as raita or cucumber salad, which can help soothe the heat from spicier dishes. Consider ordering dishes like biryani or vindaloo and pairing them with a cooling side.
  5. Order bread or rice! If you accidentally order a dish that’s spicier than you anticipated, bread or rice can help tone down the heat. Naan bread or rice can help absorb the spice and cool down your palate.

By using these tips, you can confidently order the best Indian takeaway for your spice tolerance in Norwich. If you want to try some of our mild dishes, simply order here!